Continuing Education 

Clinical Communication for Improving Patient Outcomes


Can communication improve patient outcomes? This one-hour course discusses effective clinical communication strategies for the treating chiropractor. Dr. Percuoco will address what to avoid, and recommend methods for better communication and building patient compliance. 



Module 1 Outline
  • Burden of musculoskeletal disorders- cost
  • Lower back pain and outcomes of various interventions
  • Evidence, prognosis, and communication of clinical conditions
  • Biopsychosocial model of pain
  • Placebo and Nocebo
  • QUIZ




Module 2 Outline
  • Understanding the patient as a person, not just the disease/condition
  • Patient expectations
  • Discussing patient’s ideas about illness/condition
  • Nonverbal communication of patient and doctor
  • QUIZ



Module 3 Outline
  • Discussion of the “Common Sense Model” (CSM)
  • Discussion of the “Fear Avoidance Model”- & could it lead to a vicious cycle of pain?
  • Clinical case examples and CSM
  • QUIZ



Module 4 Outline
  • Physician influence on patient outcomes
  • Physician beliefs in light of new evidence
  • Research study discussion- physician communication and patient compliance
  • QUIZ



Module 5 Outline
  • Does imaging impact low back pain outcomes?
  • Asymptomatic individuals and imaging
  • MRI- does it impact pt outcomes?
  • Conclusions about patient treatment and outcomes
  • QUIZ




Kevin Percuoco, D.C., Cert. MDT

CE Hours



  • Each module contains a video presentation and a short quiz.  You must view the video prior to taking the quiz. 
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