Continuing Education 

Gluten and Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is one of the most encountered autoimmune disorders triggered by eating gluten-containing foods. Learn what foods contain gluten, how gluten may trigger an autoimmune reaction, and  how to recognize and manage Celiac disease.



Module 1 Outline
  • Appreciate the prevalence of and genetic predisposition to Celiac Disease.
  • Describe the characteristics of gluten
  • Recognize which foods contain gluten
  • QUIZ



Module 2 Outline
  • Recognize Celiac Disease as an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten proteins
  • State the primary region of the body affected by Celiac disease
  • Describe extra-intestinal effects of Celiac disease
  • QUIZ



Module 3 Outline
  • Describe findings associated with Celiac patients
  • Define how to properly confirm the diagnosis of Celiac disease
  • Explain the appropriate management of Celiac patients
  • QUIZ




Dan Weinert, D.C., Ph.D.

CE Hours



•Each module contains a video presentation and a short quiz.  You must view the video prior to taking the quiz.
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