Continuing Education 

A Practical Review of Chiropractic Research

Dr. Brian Anderson presents this 2-hour class in which he summarizes research related to chiropractic. Dr. Anderson also discusses practical application of the research for practicing Doctors of Chiropractic.



Module 1 Outline
  • Why is this class relevant?
  • Medico-legal issues in chiropractic practice
  • Why do chiropractors get sued?
  • QUIZ



Module 2 Outline
  • Screening for CV risks
    • Does a good tool/assessment exist?
    • Do current screening tests lack validity?
    • Differential diagnosis 
  • QUIZ



Module 3 Outline
  • Red Flags for potential spinal pathology  
    • Cauda Equina
    • Compression fracture
    • Traumatic fracture
    • Infection
  • Vertebral artery dissection discussion
  • QUIZ



Module 4 Outline
  • Reliability, validity, and mechanisms of spinal manipulative therapy
  • Inter-rater reliability and validity studies 



Module 5 Outline
  • Research discussing spinal manipulation:
    • Clinical effectiveness & efficacy 
    • Neurophysiological Mechanisms
    • Neuroimmune function
  • QUIZ




Module 6 Outline
  • Update on clinical practice guidelines:
    • Pediatric care
    • Opoid use
    • Sedentary lifestyle and LBP
    • Neck pain 
    • Low back pain
  • QUIZ



Module 7 Outline
  • Chiropractic Practice Research:
    • Remote consultation hesitancy
    • Attitudes toward chiropractic by family physicians
    • Chiropractic practice patterns
  • QUIZ



Module 8 Outline
  • Health services research and chiropractic:
    • Escalation of procedures
    • Claims data
    • Outcomes  
  • QUIZ



Module 9 Outline
  • Research regarding:
    • Medicare and spinal manipulation
  • Summary and takeaways for the class
  • QUIZ




Brian Anderson, D.C., M.P.H., M.S., Ph.D.

CE Hours



Each module contains a video presentation and a short quiz.  You must view the video prior to taking the quiz. 
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