Continuing Education 

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Otitis Media

In this course, Dr. Haavik with discuss the benefits of chiropractic care and fertility, low back pain, safety, pelvic floor function, and the Webster Technique. She also reviews research regarding chiropractic care and breastfeeding issues, and whether chiropractic care helps in the management of otitis media in children and infants.



Module 1 Outline
  • Review the research regarding whether chiropractic care and pregnancy
  • Fertility, low back pain, and safety as they relate to chiropractic care for pregnant women
  • QUIZ



Module 2 Outline
  • Review research regarding chiropractic care and pelvic floor muscle function
  • Review literature relevant to the Webster Technique
  • QUIZ



Module 3 Outline
  • Review literature related to breastfeeding and chiropractic care for women with breastfeeding problems. 
  • QUIZ



Module  Outline
  • Review what otitis media is and how chiropractic care may help. 
  • QUIZ



Module  Outline
  • Review research regarding the effects of chiropractic care in children with otitis media 
  • QUIZ



CE Hours



  • Each module contains a video presentation and a short quiz. You must view the video prior to taking the quiz. 
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